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CBS Summer Camp, is aimed at children between the ages of 5 and 15, and our goal is to ensure that they enjoy a full summer vacation, learning new sports practices, and doing leisure activities in a healthy, fun and immersed environment. in the English language.

Our job is for children to become familiar with English, naturally, and lose their fear of speaking and understanding it, using this language as the main means of communication in extraordinary activities focused on learning the language, in the practice of any sport, or in the normal routine of a camping day. We intend all this to take place in a fun environment, full of surprises and entertainment that will make this camp an unforgettable vacation for children.

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    Quizás nuestras experiencias te pueden ayudar con su opinión.


    Marta Ferrera

    Summer camp on CBS is one of the best summer experiences! Being constantly surrounded by nature is a pleasure that many people cannot enjoy, being able to enjoy the pool, go-karts, arts and crafts and many different activities, all in the same place is really priceless. I have attended the camp as a student and it is fascinating as you meet many people who quickly become part of your life and you can try new and challenging activities while being surrounded by wonderful surroundings. and great people. Last year I had the privilege of attending as an assistant and it was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. The bond that can be created with students and colleagues after living together for 10 days is very special. Do not expect to repeat this year!!


    Gaspar Saez

    My experience at CBS Summer Camp as an assistant monitor was incredible. We learned many new skills. I am really grateful to Miss Samantha because she gave me an opportunity to learn many new skills such as not depending on anyone, doing things for myself and making my own decisions. In conclusion, this was an unforgettable experience and I would love to do it again.


    Sara Alvarez

    The summer camp experience is magnificent. The children enjoy from the moment they get up until they go to sleep, a totally planned and organized camp where the main objective is to see the children have a great time and the monitors enjoy with them. It is very satisfying as a monitor to do the activities and see how the children love to participate in them, while making new friends and learning English. A different way of learning while enjoying a summer atmosphere and surrounded by boys and girls who want to have a great time!


    Ilze Jansone

    Working at the CBS Summer Camp was a rewarding experience. The atmosphere is great and the people are friendly. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot about being a monitor and leader. Extremely supportive staff, a fun environment to work but a challenging job! The professional growth from this experience makes it worthwhile.

    CBS Summer Camp is designed to teach children English in a fun environment. Rather than focus on the dynamics of an English class, CBS creates a 10-day experience for the children to live, sleep and eat at camp. The English teachers and other team members create a fun environment, full of games and songs and fun activities, all in English.

    You don’t know the impact you have on your children until the last day. You take care of the children for 10 days and you become their mother. Every day at camp is a learning experience.


    Deana Seabrooks

    The best part of this experience is witnessing the wonderful childhood friendships that could last a lifetime!


    Ana Guerrero

    Working at CBS Summer Camp has been a great experience. I have learned many things with the children and with my classmates since we work together every day during the camp. We strive to give the best to the children so they can learn having fun, not just English, much more thanks to the different workshops we offer during the camp. Living together, sharing with others, dealing with disagreements and emotions is part of the adventure that makes them even more complete and exciting, and helps them to be more decisive. It’s hard work but also rewarding and fun, so it’s definitely a must-try experience.


    Mariana Erce Jaén

    My daughter’s experience at this camp has been unforgettable. Every day that I spoke to her, I became more enthusiastic. It was the first time I went to a camp and everything went very well. He has only told positive things about the monitors, as well as about his companions and the many activities they have developed during the camp, I think there was no time for boredom.

    From the mother’s point of view, or rather parents, because the father also thinks the same, we are very satisfied. The information has been very fluid at all times, everything was very well organized, we have no complaints, really.

    The conclusion: we would like to repeat !!!