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Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions that we receive daily.


La inscripción debe hacerse rellenando la ficha de inscripción que aparece en esta web. Si tienes cualquier duda durante el proceso, puedes contactar con nuestro departamento de atención telefónica en el +34 954 788 025

One of the following procedures will be applied according to each particular case: 100% of the total will be refunded when the withdrawal is specified within 7 calendar days after the payment or signal is received, provided they are not dates close to the start of the camp in which case it will be valued under the conditions set out in the following sections. 50% of the total will be returned when the drop is specified within 30 calendar days before the start of the camp. 30% of the total will be refunded when the withdrawal is specified within 15 calendar days before the start of the camp. If the withdrawal is made the week before the camp starts, the total paid will be lost. Likewise, no amount will be refunded for not attending the camp partially or totally for any reason including reasons of illness, accident or other similar case.

Payments are made when formalizing the reservation through a bank transfer in a single payment.


All our monitors are native speakers and / or bilingual, highly qualified and officially prepared for language teaching.

No, there are no English grammar classes. The aim of the camp is for you to learn English through fun activities, sports, workshops, etc.

In our camps no previous level of English is required to attend. However, since the monitors will mainly use English to communicate with the campers, with a basic level they will be able to understand them perfectly.


All the camps have a Director, as well as a coordinator of monitors, one coordinator per group (London, Bristol, Manchester) and a dining coordinator. The team of monitors is responsible for the dynamics of the camps and the care of your children (put them to bed, wake them up, watch over them, accompany them to classes and activities, etc). Each monitor is responsible for a maximum of 10 – 15 children, grouped by age and gender. All of our monitors have the corresponding qualifications, have extensive experience and have gone through a scrupulous selection and training process. We also have an assistant monitor for each group. Finally, the residence team is in charge of preparing and serving meals and cleaning and maintaining the facilities.

As a school, we attach great importance to daily menus, which are prepared to follow a healthy and balanced diet and taking into account any possible allergies or intolerances that your children may have. It is very important that you properly fill in the registration section corresponding to your child’s allergies and intolerances.

The entrance is made on the 1st and the 11th from 10:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We will send you a detailed email beforehand on how to get to the facility and where to park the car. Upon arrival, we will introduce you to the monitor responsible for your child, who will complete the registration process and answer any questions you may have. Once the registration is finished, you will accompany your child to his room so that he can leave the suitcase there and join the rest of the companions to start the week. The departure is between 12:00 and 14:00 on the last day of the camp. At 12:00 the closing ceremony and the distribution of prizes take place.

Before the start we will send you an access code to our camp platform, in which we will daily upload photos and tickets so that you can closely follow the experience that your children will be living.

There is no visitation day and visits from parents and relatives are especially inadvisable.

During the camp it is not necessary to carry money, since the children have all their needs covered.

There is no cake, but if we are notified when making the reservation, the monitor organizes so that this day something special is done for the honoree and receives a good congratulation.


Yes, before starting the CBS Summer Camp we will share with parents a special menu adapted to any special need.

The safety of your children is a vital point for us. When filling out the registration, all participants must fill out a form with their personal and medical data. Each monitor has in his possession the files of the members of the group of which he is tutor. The monitors have direct contact with the Camp Director at all times. If any participant suffers an accident or suffers symptoms of being sick, the monitor guardian will notify it immediately and provide the child’s medical file. The Director is authorized to act as appropriate in relation to the seriousness of the situation and will notify the child’s family as soon as possible. In the camp we have a complete first aid kit that will be used in case of need by authorized and trained personnel. We also have a 24-hour support vehicle and direct contact with a nearby medical center. Your children will be watched 24 hours a day by our team of monitors. During pool hours and outdoor activities, at least one of the monitors responsible for the activity has experience in lifeguard and first aid.

The use of mobile phones is not allowed during the camp. On the day of arrival, the monitor responsible for your child will keep his mobile phone and will make it available every day only during the stipulated hours so that you can contact him. The rest of the day, the mobiles will remain disconnected. In case you need to contact your child urgently, on the day of arrival we will put at your disposal the mobile phone of the camp, attended by one of our monitors, who will be in charge of locating him and putting him in contact with you.

It is not allowed to bring any type of electronic device (ipads, ebooks, ipods …) to the camp. We want your children to enjoy their few spare time socializing with the rest of the participants and doing outdoor activities.

At the camp, there is no laundry service, so you must bring clothes for the whole week. It is important to wear comfortable clothing for cooking classes, sports clothing and shoes for outdoor activities, and clothing for the evening. Most of our facilities are located in areas of a certain altitude, so despite being summer, the nights are cool and it is advisable to bring some warm clothing and a raincoat. One of the theme parties is a gala night, so we recommend that you bring something a little more elegant for that special night.

They should know that for this to be possible the following requirements must be met: that it is requested in advance in their registration form or that they notify us, that there is no difference of more than one year between them, that they belong to the same age group and that are of the same sex. We try to accommodate the children always taking into account the preferences expressed in the registration form and as long as they coincide with the criteria set out, but it may happen that we cannot meet all their preferences, since integration will be our number one goal and of There they share a room with boys / girls of the same age.

There are usually 10-15 students for each monitor.

From 6 years old, children tend to respond well. Although it does not depend so much on the physical age of the child as on how “developed” he is. There are children aged 6 and 7 who have not had any problems and children aged 11, 12, even older, who have never left the house and who have had a harder time adjusting. Every child is different.

First Camp

As a general rule, it is recommended that the sooner the better, as this will help them develop their capacities, autonomy and relational skills earlier.

For residential camps, like the CBS Summer Camp, the most popular and recommended ages are 8 to 14 years old.

For children with a lot of attachment to their parents, it is advisable that for their first camp they are accompanied by a friend or relative (brother, first, etc). In this way, the child will feel more secure and the chances that he will miss his parents decrease.

Some children find it difficult to jump in because they are insecure, afraid and the fact of sleeping away from home without their parents scares them. In these cases, it is best to encourage them and explain that although it may cost at first, they will soon find themselves at ease, adapted and enjoying this experience.

It is important that as parents, they are not forced to go, but rather motivated to do so. Sometimes you have to give a little push and help to take the first step, but never impose it.

Children at CBS Summer Camp do a multitude of activities, excursions, group sports, which are often not so easy to do at home. They are active all day and doing fun activities. They don’t have time to get bored!

Usually, children in summer camps make friends very quickly and do not usually have integration problems. Keep in mind that just as your child goes to camp alone or with only 1 or 2 friends, most children go to camp under the same conditions, so they make friends very quickly.

CBS Summer Camp organizes guided tours of the facilities to get to know them as well as to meet the management team who will explain everything we do at CBS Summer Camp and how much fun the children have.

Usually not relevant. If it is true that the first time it is advisable to go with a friend because you already have that reference contact.

When children come with friends or in a group of friends, CBS Summer Camp always organizes the groups in such a way that they are together, as long as they are of similar ages.

In addition, we always recommend that brothers also go to the same camp and it also serves as reinforcement or support. The only thing that should be clear is that each one will work with his group independently. It is not uncommon for the older one to take on the role of caretaker for the little one or for the little one to walk behind the older one.

Of course. Although it is true that, from the experience of CBS Summer Camp, it is the parents who miss the most and those who have the worst. Children don’t have time during the day to miss, as they have activities scheduled all day. Although it is true that there are times when they can have a downturn and they will miss you, but at that moment the CBS Summer Camp team is ready to help our children feel at home and that we are a family .

In addition, the CBS Summer Camp management team is also prepared to help parents better cope with being separated from their children.

At first they may find it difficult to sleep, even sometimes, mysterious stomach pains appear from the nerves the first time. Afterwards, it is not usual because the fatigue of being all day doing activities makes your own body ask you to sleep.

Also, at CBS Summer Camp, campers always sleep with a monitor in the bedrooms, monitors with the boys, and monitors with the girls.

At CBS Summer Camp we do not allow parent visits during the days of the camp as we believe it can create a negative effect on the campers. However, communication between parents and the camp is 24 hours through a digital platform in which we publish photos daily and send information to parents at all times about what we are doing, when we go on excursions, through the application chat . In addition, the camp management team is available 24 hours by phone to resolve any questions or problems.

Before starting the camp, CBS Summer Camp organizes individual or group visits to the facilities so that families can get to know us and know everything about the camp. In addition, on the first day, when the campers arrive, we invite parents to come in with the children to meet the monitors and management team, and help their children to choose a bed, make the bed and place their things.

In the event that a camper becomes ill, the first thing we do is take him to the doctor so that a professional can determine the diagnosis and, if it is not a serious case, just a sore throat, head or other, to prescribe the medication to be taken. . At CBS Summer Camp we do not provide medication to campers unless a doctor prescribes it or the student brings a medical report. This point is very important to ensure the safety of our children.

For more serious questions, an ambulance would be called if necessary or it was transferred to the medical center that is in the same town or, failing that, to the San Juan de Dios Hospital that is in the next town, Bormujos. Everything always under the permission of the parents, who would be notified from the first moment.

All the activities that we carry out at CBS Summer Camp are activities supervised and watched over by our team of monitors, who are specialists, in order to guarantee the safety of our campers.

Although it must always be borne in mind that they are children and adolescents that any bad fall playing football or doing any activity can occur, so, as we have explained in the previous question, the camper would immediately be transferred to a medical center or hospital if was necessary.

At CBS Summer Camp we have our own kitchen in the camp with a team of professionals specialized in children’s nutrition. All our dishes are cooked in our center by our team. Likewise, our menus are adapted to children.

When registering for CBS Summer Camp, one of the main questions on the registration form is whether the camper has a food allergy, illness or needs a special diet, as this is a very important aspect that we must know in advance.

The CBS Summer Camp kitchen team tailors their menus to all food allergies and special diets.

Upon arrival at the CBS Summer Camp, there is an area enabled for parents to meet the person in charge of medications, with which they can leave all the medication that students must take and likewise a document signed by the tutors will be filled out explaining what you should take, what dose and how. Also along with this a medical report must be delivered.

Campers cannot have any medications with them in the room. Everything should be left with the person in charge, who will notify them during the day every time they need to take the medications and likewise, make sure that they are taken correctly.

In the event that some of the campers use diapers, the management team or your child’s monitor would be informed so that we have proof of this and can help him and remind him every night that he has to put the diapers on, but always in a discreet way so that no child is aware of it.

At CBS Summer Camp, we initially share a call schedule with parents. Campers will be able to call their parents during this time. Those students who have their phone will be able to call from their own mobile and those who do not have a mobile phone will be able to call from the camp’s landline.

Campers cannot have mobiles during the camp so the first day upon arrival at camp they will hand over their mobiles. During the camp, during calling hours, they will be able to use mobile phones.

The CBS Summer Camp phone number, 954 788 44/693 601 083, will be available at all times for communication between parents and camp.

Usually at the time of calling home is when the campers tend to have the worst since it is listening to the parents and missing them. We do not have to worry as parents since it is something of the most common. Also this increases as the days go by as they are more tired.

The normal thing is that as soon as they finish talking they go to play with their friends, having left their parents worried. In any case, the best thing in our opinion is to talk to them every 2 or 3 days or so, especially if the child is homesick. It is usually not good to talk every day. This habit causes some children to be more aware of the call than of playing with their peers.

We must always avoid getting nervous or hysterical. Nothing happens.

When you register, one of the sections to complete is to specify if the camper can swim, so that the team of monitors and the pool lifeguard can take it into account and adopt the appropriate measures.

CBS Summer Camp provides campers with a list of luggage recommendations: We recommend that each child bring their personal items, even if several family members or friends go, as exchanging these items can lead to losses.

In this way, we help children learn to organize and manage their belongings, promoting their autonomy and responsibility. We ask that everything be marked with the name of the child and the group (Pepe Pérez London 2) and that they wear comfortable and sports clothing. It is better to wear summer and warmer clothes in case the weather changes.

Very important to involve the child. It is very convenient to prepare the suitcase / backpack together in such a way that you know what you are carrying, what quantities and where it is placed. A great way to take responsibility for your own clothing.

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